Hey, it's me, Michaela

Thirty-something years young, with my base in Bavaria, with my free spirit: citizen of the world. You’ve probably already noticed that I’m a photographer. But I’d like to tell you a bit more about myself. So, let’s do this:

I love dancing and music, traveling (and honestly, the anticipation of adventure no less), my home in Lower Bavaria, Indian food – and obviously, photography. For me, photography is deeply connected to my passion for traveling. Because, what you might not know is that before I got into wedding photography, I wanted to become a travel photographer (and blogger). All with the intention of inspiring people, exploring our beautiful nature, embarking on adventures and: just having a really good time!

In a world where life sometimes seems like a whirlwind, I strive for a sense of freedom and authenticity. As a vegetarian with a passion for good food and a sense of humor that knows no bounds, I know that the best stories often unfold between a hearty laugh and a deep conversation. I also have a soft spot for modern spirituality and personal development.

I see my future with a faithful four-legged friend at my side – and of course with the man of my heart – and my ukulele in my hand. Until then, I hope I learn to play it in a way that no one wants to cover their ears.

Besides my wedding photography, I am also the founder and Co-CEO of Kala Malu, a spiritual online store, together with my sister.


The store is only available in German, though.

"Where focus goes energy flows."

Tony Robbins